Principes et Spécificités de l’Askal Hybrid Arnis

The general principles of Arnis Kali Escrima (Filipino martial arts)

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The levels of practice are arranged depending on the different levels of practice, the different types of work in general are:

-Solo baston (single stick work)

-Doble baston (double stick work)

-Pangamut or mano mano (empty hand work)

-Kotsilio or Baraw depensa (defence knife work)

-Layog-Dumog (body control on joints)

Explicative notes and further details:

-Dumog, close combat and joint locks

-Hubud lubud or hands chain, sensitivity and developing work at a short range

-Panantukan, Filipino boxing with limb destructing (also for the joints)

-Sikaran, kicking wich alo includes kneeing

Variations empty hands against knife, stick or other weapons.

The specificities of Askal Hybrid Arnis


Askal Hybrid Arnis concept is materialized by a work of construction:

Mental and physical development

-reflex, natural gestures, flexibility, rapidity, precision and instinct

Weapon work

Main part of the Askal Hybrid Arnis method in order to develop a complete mastery of reflexes, concentration and agility in order for the body and mind to become one. Most important phase in order to train our senses and muscle memory and thus having a flawless quality of work. This development eases the transition to empty hands

– 55cm short stick: strikes on nerves, bones and close combat

– knives, long blades, karambit, etc. : control and mastery with different approach depending on weapon used.

Empty hands

-getting away from wrist, elbow, front and back shoulder holds

-strikes with open, closed hands, shaped, pokes, elbows, forearms

-methodology to apprehend striking and countering phases, combos, sensations in order to get control on strikes, locks or other.

-control, blocking on joints and nervous system

-disarmament on stick and knife attacks at different levels.

-strangulation, arm locks and lashing


-Kicks are always low, below the waist

-focused on body anchor, balance, particularly on the knee joint axis

-kicks essentially done on muscles and nerves